#2 “Naming the baby”

5th May, 2017

Jon, dad of two, originally from Wales but living in Birmingham, was delighted when he found out his partner was having a baby boy. They were keen to embrace his Welsh heritage by giving their son, Alex a traditional Welsh middle name.  However, after much thought and deliberation, the name that Alex ended up with couldn’t have been further from what they’d originally planned!

If you’re currently thinking of baby names and are stuck for ideas, check out this list of the ‘most popular baby names of 2016’: https://www.babycenter.com/top-baby-names-2016.htm #BumpStories

About Jon
Likes: Nintendo, tennis and playing football with Alex

Dislikes: Being woken up in the middle of the night. Luckily Alex no longer does this to us on a regular basis!

Favourite movie: Star Wars – and he’s already training Alex up in the ways of the force

 About Alex
Weight at birth: 8lb 6oz

Likes: Nintendo, tennis and playing football with Jon

Dislikes: The sight of blood – especially if it’s his own!

Started walking at: 18 months

First word: Bel – as in ‘Isabel’ – his older sister