#3 “Being a Birthing Partner”

12th June, 2017

Did you know anybody can be a birthing partner? It doesn’t always have to be dad.

Sam was honoured when her sister asked her to be her birthing partner and was on her way to Glastonbury festival when her niece decided to make her entrance to the world. After a race against the clock and a battle with traffic, she was just on time to welcome the new addition to their family!

If like Sam, you’ll be sharing the special moment when a new life comes into the world, you can take a look at this really useful list of top tips for birth partners: https://www.babycentre.co.uk/a1072/dads-10-ways-to-be-the-perfect-birth-partner.

About Sam
Likes: Shopping, spending time with her friends and family including Harriet (of course)

Dislikes: Mess…she’s already teaching Harriet to tidy up her toys

Favourite movie: The Shawshank Redemption

 About Harriet
Weight at birth: 7Ib

Likes: Ice cubes and ice cream, listening to Ed Sheeran’s music, taking selfies with her auntie and crawling everywhere!

Dislikes: The sound of the hoover, tomatoes and ginger

Started walking at: Not walking quite yet, but looks like she won’t be long

First word: Still gurgling away, no actual words yet