#4 “My back to back baby”

23rd June, 2017

During the late stages of her pregnancy, Zoe was told that her second son Atticus was back to back – meaning his back was positioned directly against hers.

She soon began to worry, as friends had told her this type of birth could be more painful and may result in intervention from medical professionals and possibly a c-section, which wasn’t her preferred method of birth. To her delight, she need not have worried at all. After getting reassurance from the professionals caring for her, Zoe was able to have her water birth as planned and even describes her second birth as “good”!

To learn more about a baby’s positions in the womb, please visit: https://www.nct.org.uk/birth/baby-positions-birth

About Zoe

Likes: reading, eating and being with my loved ones

Dislikes: wasps, running out of tea

Favourite phrase: Be careful! At least, it must be my favourite phrase because that’s the thing I say most often as my toddler loves climbing everything these days

Favourite film: The Importance of Being Earnest

About Atticus

Weight at birth: 8lb 7oz

Likes: milk, cuddles and his big brother

Dislikes: waiting and not being held

Favourite thing to watch/do: being cuddled by mummy whilst big brother Mycroft shows him all of his dinosaurs