Conference feedback

The conference was your opportunity to feed into the discussion and ensure that we make local maternity services the best they can be for the women of Birmingham and Solihull. However, there will be plenty of other opportunities to help shape the path forward in the future.

Many of you contributed to one of the workshops which took place at the conference and we will be working through that feedback in relevant workstreams and groups and we’ll update shortly.

Thank you to all of you who filled in one of the feedback postcards after the event. A snapshot of the feedback to the two questions you asked is below:

We asked: Think of a time when you provided the best possible care, what was key to enabling you to do this?
You said:

  1. Continuity of Care
    • Knowing the woman and her family and having time and resource to give best care
    • Working with the homebirth team, providing care antenatally, intrapartum, and postnatally
    • One to one care
  2. Communication
    • Good communication within the team
    • 34/40 sent into unit with abdo pain. Baby and Mum okay and a quick response through good communication
  3. Staffing
    • When we were better staffed, we had space to see women in a timely fashion and we didn’t rush consultations
    • Being fully staffed so that I could provide continuity of care to one family
  4. Time
    • Time to give women the care they deserve
    • Having the time to discuss PN care with a new mum, a BF assessment and health promotion discussion. No pressure to discharge patient
  5. Teamwork
    • Knowing and trusting in the team and colleagues you work with to provide best care to women
    • Evidence of documented effective teamwork within a multi-disciplinary team

We asked: What one thing will you take away from today and put into action?
You said:

  1. Team work
    • Speaking to midwives, we have broken a barrier that we are wanting to work alongside them and not take over
    • Support each other to work effectively to provide safe care for women and babies
  2. Communicate the Bump message
    • More awareness of Bump and process / plans for the future
    • Never let up on communicating despite the hurdles
  3. Focus on the woman
    • Putting women at the centre of the care I provide
    • Listen to the woman more but difficult with time limitation and massive patient caseload
  4. Links with other services
    • Continue to maintain good links with other services
    • Learning about services that women can be directed to
  5.  Continuity
    • Improve my continuity of care
  6. Standardisation
    • Same pathway of care across the city
    • Aim for area wide quality of access and experience to maternity for women