Continuity of carer pilots

There are a number of continuity of carer pilots which are underway across the Birmingham and Solihull Local Maternity System (LMS).

All of them are designed to ensure we find out what works best for our women and their families and ensure that the quality of care we provide continues to improve.

The pilots currently under way are:

  • The Homebirth Team at Birmingham Women’s Hospital – this team is currently established and the results have been positive
  • The Homebirth Team at University Hospitals Birmingham – homebirth is available across Heartlands, Good Hope and Solihull Hospitals. The Heads of Midwifery, midwives and Bump are currently in the process of scoping how an LMS-wide homebirth service could be implemented
  • Willow Suite Birth Centre – women have a named midwife antenatally and postnatally from 34 weeks. Care is given by a birth centre midwife which supports the concept of continuity of carer by a small team of midwives.
  • Netherbrook Birth Centre – women have a named midwives and provide continuity of carer

From June 2018:

  • A pilot with a community midwifery team will commence. Women with a planned caesarean section will have a named midwife who gives continuity of antenatal/ postnatal care and attends the elective caesarean section
  • Develop the 34-week continuity model at BWH Birth centre as at HGS

The aim for our LMS is to be able to demonstrate that we have one in five women booked onto a Continuity of Carer pathway by March 2019.