Online breastfeeding support now available to new mums in the West Midlands

5th April, 2017

Start4Life, Public Health England’s programme has launched a new interactive online chat forum to guide new mums through their first weeks of breastfeeding.

New mums are now able to access 24/7 trusted NHS advice through a new online tool the Breastfeeding Friend (BFF). The BFF provides advice and responds to questions posted by the user at any time of the day or night in a friendly and encouraging way.

Combined with support from Midwives, health visitors, family and peers, the BFF aims to make a real difference to help mums get their breastfeeding off to the very best start, giving them the confidence to carry on. The tool is also a useful source of information about community support groups and local networks that new mums can access if they require a little more help on their journey.

If you’re a new mum or currently pregnant and would like to access BFF, simply head to your Facebook messenger app and type ‘Breastfeeding Friend’ into the Search Box. For further advice and information on breastfeeding as well as other parenting tips and ‘how to’ videos, head to the Start4Life website.

You can also access independent and confidential advice by contacting the National Breastfeeding Helpline on 0300 100 0212.