Tell us about any non-NHS services that you used as part of your maternity care

2nd June, 2017

Here at Bump, we’re changing the way maternity services are provided across Birmingham and Solihull and part of this work is about giving you more choice about the care you receive.

If you’ve recently had a baby (or you are expecting), we’d love you to complete our short survey to tell us whether you accessed any non-NHS services on your pregnancy journey – whether that be during your pregnancy, birth or shortly after. Bump is designed on your feedback because you’re the experts, and by completing our survey you can help us get a better understanding of the types of services you use and what motivated you to access them.

We understand that you’re probably very busy at the moment with your new arrival (or getting ready), however our survey will only take a couple of minutes and we would really love to hear from you.

To access the survey, please click here: