National choice and personalisation pilot

As one of the Early Adopter sites for the Better Births programme, Birmingham and Solihull have been part of the national plans for choice and personalisation.

Many of you have been having choice and personalisation conversations with women across our hospitals and recording the conversations, either via the Badgernet system at University Hospitals Birmingham or through paper records at Birmingham Women’s Hospital.

Nationally, the early adopter and Pioneer sites were set a target of demonstrating 5,000 conversations to be recorded – however, this target was exceeded and more than 8,700 conversations were identified.

We are now part of the second phase of the data collection which is centred around the Personalised Maternity Care Budget (PMCB). Bump has agreed to collect data for this pilot through our consultant midwives across our hospitals.

The PMCB is designed to empower woman to choose where they would spend their maternity ‘budget’, so that they could choose to focus on what types of antenatal and post-natal care they would prefer.

Consultant midwives in Birmingham and Solihull commenced this pilot in early April and this will run for four weeks with results anticipated in June.