Plotting the journey to outstanding care

Just like every pregnancy, our Bump programme has been on a journey. We are now reaching the final part of the journey – our final trimester – and we’re making moves to turn our vision and ideas for a world-class local maternity and newborn system into reality.

On Tuesday 26 June, more than 100 members of staff from across our organisations representing a whole range of experiences and specialities, as well as patient representatives, joined forces at the National Conference Centre in Solihull to use their skills and knowledge to navigate us to our target destination.

So what was discussed? The attendees were split into four workshops to thrash out the details on how we should proceed. Below is a snap shot of the aims of each workshop and some of the conclusions that were reached.

Access to services

Led by Mary Passant – Bump Programme Manager, Adam Carson – Bump Digital Lead & Duncan Fleming – Business Change Lead

How women access our maternity services, and equally when they access them, can have a significant impact on the care that they received. Bump has a unique chance to shape an entry system which ensures women receive support and guidance from the very early days of their pregnancy right through to birth and beyond. This workshop explored the gold standard of the early care we want to provide to women, using technology and expertise to provide a streamlined service.

As a multi-organisational programme, the need for an agreed referral process for the LMS is a key priority and the next steps for this particular area of work include setting up the required IT and infrastructure networks as well as testing models along the way.

Continuity of Carer & Personalised Care

Led by Carmel McCalmont – Bump Director of Midwifery

Broadly speaking, continuity of carer means providing a consistency of midwife or clinical team throughout a pregnancy journey. Evidence shows that continuity of carer and providing care personal to the individual improves safety and outcomes for women. There are different ways of achieving continuity of carer and this workshop determined how we shape the model which works best for the future of the LMS locally – for both women and staff.

There are a number of continuity of carer pilots currently underway across our hospitals and there is a commitment that we will have 20% of women booked onto a continuity of carer pathway by March 2019.

Care closer to home

Led by Phillip Lyddon – Bump Director of Operations & Suzanne Cleary – Bump Programme Director

Our population is diverse and not all women require the same level of care through their pregnancy journey. Often, care which is provided within an acute hospital setting can be delivered out in the community, closer to home. This workshop looked at the types of care women and their families receive in the community, and how we might go about organising ourselves differently, thinking about how we might need to tailor services in different areas to reflect our diverse population.
The programme is currently in the process of finalising details on two pilot hubs which will offer care in the community to women in Birmingham and Solihull.

Clinical Governance

Led by Richard Kennedy – Bump Medical Director

Good clinical governance underpins everything that Bump is trying to achieve and is the cornerstone of high-quality clinical care. Patient safety is at the heart of the Better Births recommendations and clear governance systems will help to ensure the LMS can monitor outcomes and support the reduction of perinatal mortality and other adverse outcomes through thorough investigations of incidents and shared learning. This workshop discussed developing a robust system which supports the reduction of harm, improves safety, outcomes and patient experience.