Programme updates – April 2018

Your regular update on key issues regarding the Bump programme as the ambitious LMS continues to take strides forward. This section will give you all an indicator of the latest progress from the clinical and infrastructure workstreams, as we continue to bring the Bump programme to life...


Training sessions are currently being held at Birmingham Women’s Hospital for staff to get up to speed with the new BadgerNet system. This is the maternity system for patient records which is being rolled out across the hospital towards the end of May 2018. This is an enormous project which will see consistency of maternity records which both professional and women will be able to access across Birmingham and Solihull. It is vital that all those providing maternity care are fully trained in using the BadgerNet system.

If you have yet to receive your BadgerNet training, don’t delay!  Book today!

Meanwhile, on Tuesday (May 1), UHB are launching a project to implement the intrapartum module of BadgerNet across the Heartland, Good Hope and Solihull (HGS) site. This will provide a complete paperless record for maternity care and will align maternity record keeping across the LMS.

Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP)

As we know, our patients are at the heart of everything we do so listening to their views and opinions on our services and how we care for them is crucial. To help us do this through our Local Maternity System (LMS) and to help shape the future of maternity services in our area, a Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) is being set up.

Gateway Family Services have been appointed to provide the MVP. Gateway will find the right people to be part of the MVP, bringing together people with experience of maternity services in the area as well as commissioners, midwives and doctors to ensure a wide range of voices will be heard.

The MVP will meet quarterly to discuss a range of topics related to pregnancy and birth, with feedback allowing decision makers to shape the future of services in Birmingham and Solihull.

If you know any women who would be interested in taking part in the MVP and have had recent experience of Birmingham and Solihull’s maternity services please ask them to contact MVP Co-ordinator Sharon Bartlett on