Programme updates – March 2018

Your regular update on key issues regarding the Bump programme as the ambitious new LMS continues to take strides forward.  This section will give you all an indicator of the latest progress from the clinical and infrastructure workstreams, as we continue to bring the Bump programme to life...


One of the key priorities for the Bump programme is to have one single patient record system across the LMS. As part of this, Badgernet – which is already being used in part at HEFT – will be rolled out across Birmingham Women’s Hospital. Training sessions are currently being organised so that staff are ready to use the new system from May 2018.

NHS England review of the LMS

NHS England West Midlands met with Bump leaders earlier this month to discuss the progress of the programme. NHSE rated the LMS in 11 key areas – from implementation and safety to finance – with Bump receiving seven green ratings, three amber and just one red. This is very positive for the system and shows that progress is being made.