What is choice and personalisation?

Choice and personalisation means that women have a choice of place of birth and choice of birth settings.

Personalised care is all about women being able to make decisions about their care during and after pregnancy, based on the needs of the individual woman and her baby (or babies), which will include her personal circumstances. To do this, women, and the people supporting them, need access to unbiased information and to be able to explore their options with the midwife or obstetrician who is looking after them.

Our midwives and obstetricians already support women to have personalised care by giving women information about their health needs and potential care options. This enables women to discuss their preferences and agree their personalised care plan, which will include the type and place of birth that is right for them.

The ‘place of birth’ choices that are available for women across Birmingham and Solihull include giving birth at home, giving birth in an Obstetric Unit, located in hospitals and run by Consultant Obstetricians and midwives, giving birth in an alongside Birth Centre, run by midwives, and giving birth in a free-standing birth centre.

If a woman requests a type of birth or place of birth which is not usually recommended based on the health needs of her or her baby/babies, she will be able to discuss her preference with her named midwife, a Consultant Obstetrician or Consultant Midwife to ensure that she is able to ask questions and to gather further information that will support her in making choices that best fits her needs and circumstances.